Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve Dinner @ Lazy Bear

Lazy Bear is an underground restaurant. They do dinners every so often at an undisclosed location. Seats are limited so we were thrilled when we landed Christmas Eve reservations. We found out about Lazy Bear from another underground foodie event we attended in October, called 25SF. Dinner this evening was held at Chez Poulet in the Mission, which was an old warehouse (location is revealed after you confirm your reservations by making your online payment for dinner). I loved the setting - it was basically a large loft, like ours :)  Chef David Barzaley did a great job explaining each dish and the preferred method to eat it. (Sorry the photos are dark - they were taken with my phone)

I forget to bring my bottle of wine, so we ended up grabbing a bottle from the liquor store around the corner. Fat Cat at Lazy Bear, hehee.

Smoked Beets - we licked our plates (literally).

Swordfish Belly

Dungeness Crab

Steelhead Roe


Goose Confit

 Potato Puree

Goose Breast




...which included Spiced Rum

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