Monday, July 4, 2011

This year's July 4th Cake

Have you ever had one of those cakes from the Asian pastry shops with the fruits on top? They're similar to a sponge cake, but super moist and not very sweet. In Korean, it's called seeang cream cake, but you can find them in Chinese or Vietnamese bakeries as well.We used to get one of these for every one's birthdays growing up. They're pretty pricey at the bakery these days, and I love to learn new this weekend, I made one! I used strawberries and blueberries to form the American flag. It was pretty close to the ones at the bakery. I used the recipe from Honey and Butter's blog.

I'm not sure why I always take photos of the ingredients, but I do and here are the ingredients for this cake...

 And the whipped cream:

I started running out of time for the BBQ we were going to, so I was in a hurry, plus it got messy once the whipped cream came into play. Here's a photo of the center filling, I added chopped strawberries to the cream:

Oh yeah, one very useful trick I picked up was to line your cake circle with several pieces of seran wrap, place the cake on top, frost your cake. When you're finished frosting the cake, pull the seran wrap off. It catches all the stray frosting so that you don't have to worry about transferring the frosted cake to the cake circle. It also saves time.

Here is both layers of cake frosted and ready for the fruit decoration:

The cake: