Thursday, April 22, 2010

Curious about Rhubarb

What do you say? Not too shabby or kinda crappy? Considering it was my first pie ever - from scratch - AND - my first time buying/cooking/tasting rhubarb, I'd say not too shabby. My bf would agree :)

I've been curious about this rhubarb for some time now. And hoping to be inspired to get back into the kitchen, I scoured the internet for some recipes for rhubarb. I decided on a strawberry-rhubarb pie because it seemed to be a hit. So, I ventured to the grocery store to buy my strawberry and rhubarb (+ flour, vegetable shortening) and to my local supply store for a pie pan and rolling pin. After I got all my ingredients and supplies together, I set out to make the crust. FYI - pie crust is harder to make/work with than you'd think. Well, harder than I thought it would be, at least. It took a lot of muscle to roll this bad boy out (2 of them - one for the pan and the other for the top), but I did it:

For those of you who don't know, rhubarb looks like a red celery:

Here are the strawberries:


Filling ingredients combined and into pan:

My first pie weave:

Brushed and sprinkled with sugar in the raw:

And of course, I have to throw in pictures of my cat. He's too cute:

This is blurry, but funny - the pie is in the oven, and he's licking his lips:

Time to pull the pie out of the oven:

There you go, my first pie: