Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yaki-soba Noodles w/ Snow Peas, Shrimp & Bell Peppers

I've never cooked yaki-soba noodles and did not plan to. J and I took a walk to Nijiya Market, which is a couple of blocks from our house. I found the noodles, and decided to try them out.

Excited about finding Yaki-soba noodles

Grabbing snow peas.

Reaching for the bell peppers.

(Why did we have a camera with us at the market? J and I took a walk to practice shooting with the DSLR camera. I'm supposed to learn how to take pictures for his upcoming 24-Hrs LeMons race.)

We used to go to this Japanese restaurant back in MD, and I would order a yaki-soba dish. But, that was the only restaurant that I've been to who served these yaki-soba noodles. So, I was pretty excited to find them at the market.

Cooking noodles. Yaki-soba are very similar to Lo Mein.

Peeled shrimp

Washed and cut snow peas and red & yellow bell peppers


Done! I added a dash of Oyster Sauce for flavor. Nothing else. It was pretty delish, if I can say so myself...hehe.

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